Welcome to our Paediatric Dental Practice in Frankfurt!

At our practice, little patients can get acquainted with dental treatment without fear. Our treatment methods and all our equipment were designed uniquely for children.

Because our entire team has undergone special training, we can take care of virtually any patient in our Frankfurt practice – even very young or scared patients or those with special needs.

Our children's dentists in Frankfurt

Get to know the team of children’s dentists in Frankfurt.

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Dental Services

Digital radiography

Particularly in the treatment of children, doctors should try to reduce radiation exposure by using the most modern radiography techniques.

Identifying the risk of tooth decay

There are many factors that help determine the risk of tooth decay. We learn the patient’s medical history regarding eating behaviour, brushing habits and use of fluoride. This provides us with important starting points.

Laser diagnosis

You can hear tooth decay!

The tooth decay detective, “DIAGNOdent,” is an instrument that reliably helps detect tooth decay early.

Local anaesthesia

Certain dental treatments should be absolutely pain-free. This is why an anaesthetic injection is also necessary in children’s dentistry.

Hypnosis of children


Hypnosis techniques are an effective instrument for keeping our young patients free of fear and pain during treatment. Hypnosis employs trance-like conditions.

Laughing gas

Dear parents,
how often have you wished you could simply switch off at the dentist? Modern inhalation sedation can do just this, and your child can relax.

Narcosis treatment

Sometimes teeth need to be treated while the child is unconscious. Particularly when young children’s teeth are seriously damaged, a general anaesthetic is the best way to eliminate tooth decay.


We understand desensitization to mean introducing a child slowly and step-by-step to a treatment. Desensitization generally makes sense for children who tend to be anxious, reserved, cautious or very young.

„Den ersten Milchzahn habe ich beim Zähneputzen verloren"
Paul, 10 Jahre
„Ich möchte jetzt immer zu diesem Arzt kommen, die sind nett!“
Rosa, 6 Jahre
„Gibt es danach auch den Goldtaler?“
Samuel, 7 Jahre


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