Professional teeth cleaning

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Kinderzahnarzt Frankfurt - professionelle Zahnreinigung

Even in our modern age, it is not a matter of course to have healthy teeth free of tooth decay. Unlike 20 years ago, today we not only want to remove tooth decay from your children’s teeth, we do not want to let them form in the first place.

A professional, individual prophylactic program is required for this. The young patients are introduced to caring for their teeth playfully so they are motivated to perform oral hygiene at home and learn to assume responsibility for their teeth. Unfortunately, many areas are not covered by the statutory health insurance schemes.

Our check-up program covers, for example:

  • Intensive teeth brushing and polishing
  • Visualization of dangerous plaque
  • Hardening of dental enamel with fluoride varnishes
  • Teeth brushing school (demonstration of age-appropriate teeth brushing techniques, tips for using dental floss and information about fluoride use)
  • Information about causes and types of tooth decay
  • Advice and guidance on eating
  • Identifying individual tooth decay risk (genetic makeup and saliva tests)

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