Treatment concept

Kinderzahnarzt Frankfurt - Behandlungskonzept

The ‘first appointment’ in our Paediatric Dental Practice is crucial. During an in-depth consultation with you, we will determine together the individual risk of tooth decay for your child. It is frequently necessary to take x-rays of the teeth to make a 100 percent diagnosis.

Based on the medical history and the findings, we will discuss with you a therapy and treatment method tailored specifically for your child.

Tips for the visit to the dentist
It can be done without fear!!

Dear parents,

fear of the dentist is not inborn. Our practice is designed so our young patients experience treatment without any fear, and visits to the dentist become a positive experience. But we need your help!

Your conscious behaviour and what you say can have a positive influence on your child, which will support the treatment. Leave the conduct of your child to us. Your child should be the centre of attention!

This is the only way to establish a positive dentist-child relationship. Promising treatment is possible only if there is good cooperation between parents and the dentist.

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